Articles, book reviews, book notes and editorials about IAD are provided here for individual volumes of Danube News:

DANUBE NEWS 48, December 2023

  1. Eds (2023) Front cover & IAD-structure. Danube News 48:1/16
  2. Smederevac-Lalić M, Cvijanović G, Nikolić D, Lenhardt M, Hont S, Paraschiv M, Iani I. M, Baktoft H, Gjelland K Ø, Redeker M, Gatzweiler J, Milovanović M, Cvijanović N, Hödl E, Masliah-Gilkarov H, Gessner J, Thorstad E, Økland F (2023) WEPASS Project - Making the Iron Gate Dams passable for migratory fish. Danube News 48:2-8   DOI:10.5281/zenodo.10257946
  3. Vyshnevskyi V, Shevchuk S (2023) Climate change in the Danube Delta and its consequences. Danube News 48:8-12   DOI:10.5281/zenodo.10257974
  4. Egger G, Becker I (2023) Monitoring floodplain succession on the created lower reaches of the New Traisen. Danube News 48:12-15   DOI:10.5281/zenodo.10257987

DANUBE NEWS 47, July 2023

  1. Eds (2023) Front cover & IAD-structure. Danube News 47:1/12
  2. Borgs T, Béla Vizi D, Gericke A, Gheorghiu C, Ionescu C, Stammel B (2023) The IDES Project – Improving water quality by integrative floodplain management based on ecosystem services. Danube News 47:2-6   DOI:10.5281/zenodo.8013795
  3. Becker I, Wittmann F, Schneider E, Nichersu I, Balaican D, Simionov M, Livanov O, Egger G (2023) Aboveground biomass and carbon stock of the riparian vegetation in the Danube Delta. Danube News 47:6-9   DOI:10.5281/zenodo.8013837
  4. Notes (2023) Dr. Albert Scrieciu, our new Country Representative in Romania. / Prof. Dr. Mateja Germ, our new Country Representative in Slovenia. / 44th IAD Conference at Karl Landsteiner University Krems Danube News 47:10-11

DANUBE NEWS 46, December 2022

  1. Eds (2022) Welcome to 44thIAD conference in Krems, Austria & IAD-structure. Danube News 46:1/16
  2. Eichhorn H, Neuburg J, Popp S, Friedrich T (2022) Restoration and ecology of sterlets in the Austrian Danube – The way from LIFE-Sterlet to LIFE Boat 4 Sturgeon. Danube News 46:2-6 
  3. DOI:10.5281/zenodo.7273476
  4. Funk A, Haidvogl G, Hohensinner S, Weigelhofer G, Hein T (2022) Development perspectives and management options for the ecology of the urban floodplain Lower Lobau. Danube News 46:6-11 
  5. 10.5281/zenodo.7273575
  6. Kutzenberger H (2022) Danube Landscapes – history, diversity, conflicts, identity, but no lobby!. Danube News 46:11-13
  7. Guti G (2022) Promoting measures enable fish migration in the Danube River Basin. Danube News 46:14-15
  8. Bănăduc D (2022) Lake Neusiedl and Seewinkel: A hotspot area of long-term ecological research in the Danube River Basin. Danube News 46:15

DANUBE NEWS 45, June 2022, Issue »Inter- and transdisciplinary projects in the Danube River Basin.«

  1. Cyffka B (2022) Editorial & IAD-structure. Danube News 45:1/20
  2. Haimann M, Glas M, Pessenlehner S, Baranya S, Holubova K, Gmeiner P (2022) Sediment research and management – Transnational tasks along the Danube River. Danube News 45:2-6
  3. Dejeu C, Sandu C, Schwarz U, Carpa R (2022) Developing hydropower plants in nature protected areas – the case of hydropower complex in Jiu Gorge, Romania. Danube News 45:7-10
  4. Egger G, Gumpinger C (2022) Dam removal: just a trend or a fast forward strategy for healthy rivers?. Danube News 45:10-13
  5. Hein T, Drexler S, Haidvogl G (2022) Managing and restoring aquatic ecological corridors for migratory fish species in the Danube River Basin (MEASURES). Danube News 45:13-16
  6. Teubner K, Lazowski W, Zechmeister T (2022) Lake Neusiedl and Seewinkel: A hotspot area of long-term ecological research in the Danube River Basin. Danube News 45:16-19

DANUBE NEWS 44, December 2021, Issue »Selected results of Joint Danube Survey 4 (JDS4)«

  1. Hein T (2021) Editorial & IAD-structure. Danube News 44:1/24
  2. Liška L (2021) The Most Comprehensive River Survey in the World. Danube News 44:2-3
  3. Schwarz U (2021) Update of hydromorphological assessment in the framework of ICPDR JDS4. Danube News 44:4-7
  4. Wagner F, Paunović, M (2021) JDS4: Biology and indication of ecological status. Danube News 44:8-10
  5. Csanyi B, Trichkova T, Todorov M, Paunović M (2021) Invasive alien species of macroinvertebrates along the Danube River – JDS4 screening. Danube News 44:10-14
  6. Pont D, Meulenbroek P, Bammer V, Dejean T, Erős T, Jean P, Lenhardt M, Nagel C, Pekarik L, Schabuss M, Stoeckle B, Stoica E, Zornig H, Weigand A, Valentini A (2021) An eDNA metabarcoding survey of fish communities along the Danube River and its tributaries. Danube News 44:14-20
  7. Slobodnik J (2021) Chemical pollution in the Danube River Basin: critical review based on the outcomes of JDS4. Danube News 44:20-23
  8. Janauer GA (2021) News and reports from the Expert Groups: Macrophytes. Danube News 44:23

DANUBE NEWS 43, May 2021, Issue »Hydropower plants and their ecological impact«

  1. Sandu C (2021) Editorial & IAD-structure. Danube News 43:1/23/24
  2. Bloesch J (2021) Hydropower balancing between global climate change and regional water protection. Danube News 43:1-5
  3. Huđek H, Schwarz U (2021) Balkan rivers are endangered by construction of new hydropower plants. Danube News 43:6-10
  4. Geist J, Knott J, Mueller M, Ingermann H, Gerke M, Mayr C, Lohmeyer B, Pander J (2021) Ecological Monitoring at Innovative and Conventional Hydropower Stations in Bavaria, Germany. Danube News 43:10-13
  5. Lenhardt M, Pekárik L (2021) Ecological consequences of the construction of the Iron Gates and Gabčíkovo dams and prospects for mitigating the effects on migratory fish species. Danube News 43:14-17
  6. Schmutz S, Frik G (2021) Mitigating ecological impacts of hydropower. Danube News 43:17-20
  7. Zaharia T (2021) News and Notes: Obituary Acad. Prof. Dr. Marian Traian Gomoiu (1936 – 2021). Danube News 43:21
  8. Trichkova T (2021) News and Notes: Obituary Prof. Dr. Roumen K. Kalchev (1951 – 2021). Danube News 43:22

DANUBE NEWS 42, November 2020

  1. Haidvogl G, Cyffka B (2020) Editorial & IAD-structure. Danube News 42:1/16
  2. Viza D B, Právetz T (2020) The possibilities of improving the conveyance capacity with restoration measures along the Hungarian Middle Tisza River section, based on a pilot are. Danube News 42:1-7
  3. Kolarević S, Kračun-Kolarević M, Marić J J, Vuković-Gačić B, Paunović M (2020) Microbiological water quality of rivers in Serbia. Danube News 42:8-10
  4. Stammel B, Borgs B, Merk T, Gelhaus M, Damian A (2020) Improving water quality for nature, humans and the Black Sea – the launch of the IDES project funded by the Danube Transnational Programme. Danube News 42:10-13
  5. Masliah-Gilkarov H (2020) How "We Pass" is Opening the Iron Gates to Danube Migratory Fish Species. Danube News 42:13-14
  6. Haidvogl G (2020) News and Notes: New children´s book on sturgeons released by IAD. Danube News 42:14
  7. Dokulil T, Janauer G, Teubner K (2020) News and Notes: Obituary Univ.-Prof. Dr. Elsa Leonore Kusel-Fetzmann. Danube News 42:14-15

DANUBE NEWS 41, June 2020

  1. Haidvogl G, Cyffka B (2020) Editorial & IAD-structure. Danube News 41:1/20
  2. Epple T, Friedmann A, Wetzel K-F, Born O (2020) The life cycle of nase (Chondrostoma nasus) before and after the construction of hydropower plants in the river Iller (Bavaria, Germany) and its migration behavior through fish-bypass channels. Danube News 41:1-8
  3. Janauer G (2020) Neophytes – what will be the future for present Aquatic Floodplain Vegetation? Danube News 41:8-11
  4. Neumayer M, Teschemacher S, Merk F, Disse M (2020) Analysis of the retention potential of restoration measures in Bavarian streams. Danube News 41:11-16
  5. Weidendorfer J (2020) The vegetation of water bodies in the floodplain of the Danube in Serbia – comparative analysis and assessment of water quality using existing evaluation methods. Danube News 41:16-19
  6. News and Notes (2020) A new book dedicated to Alpine rivers. Danube News 41:19

DANUBE NEWS 40, November 2019

  1. Haidvogl G, Cyffka B (2019) Editorial - anniversary volume 40 of Danube News & IAD-structure. Danube News 40:1/16
  2. Bloesch J (2019) Highlights and challenges of IAD history. Danube News 40:2-5
  3. Haidvogl G, Janauer G (2019) Six decades of scientific cooperation in the Danube River Basin. Danube News 40:5-9
  4. Tittizer T, Cyffka B (2019) IAD Conferences of the past 60 years. Danube News 40:10-12
  5. Schwarz U (2019) Joint Danube Surveys and contributions of IAD Danube News 40:13-14
  6. Sandu C, Hein T, Teubner K (2019) Future IAD: Acting together for the conservation of the Danube River system Danube News 40:15-17
  7. Trichkova T (2019) The challenge of Invasive Alien Species Danube News 40:17-18
  8. Cvijanovic´D (2019) IAD for the Blue Heart of Europe. Danube News 40:18-19
  9. Zavadsky I (2019) Managing a shared river. Danube News 40:15

DANUBE NEWS 39, June 2019

  1. Cyffka B, Haidvogl G (2019) Editorial & IAD-structure. Danube News 39:1/16
  2. Kittinger C, Kirschner A, Farnleitner A, Zarfel G (2019) State of knowledge on the spread of antibiotic resistance in the waterborne bacterial populations in the Danube:a mosaic with a lot of missing tiles. Danube News 39:1-4
  3. Rîndasu-Beuran IS, Ciurea A, Mazilu P (2019) Danube countries review their options on flood risk management and include green infrastructures besides traditional measures in planning for a sustainable Danube. Danube News 39:4-8
  4. Graf W, Leitner P, Hayes D (2019) The importance of instream reservoir structures for the biodiversity of the benthic macroinvertebrate fauna in the Viennese Danube. Danube News 39:9-11
  5. Schmutz S (2019) Riverine Ecosystem Management. Science for Governing Towards a Sustainable Future (eds Schmutz , Sendzimir J; 2018). (book notes) Danube News 39:12 (web special 1)
  6. Teubner K (2019) The Alte Donau: Successful Restoration and Sustainable Management – An Ecosystem Case Study of a Shallow Urban Lake (eds Dokulil TM, Donabaum K, Teubner K; 2018). (book notes) Danube News 39:12-13 (ws 2-3)
  7. Trichkova T (2019) Guide to invasive alien species of European Union concern (eds Trichkova T, Vladimirov V, Tomov R, Todorov M; 2017). (book notes) Danube News 39:13
  8. Stiftung Naturerbe Donau (2019) Foundation price “Living Danube”. Danube News 39:15

DANUBE NEWS 38, November 2018

  1. Sandu C, Hein T (2018) Editorial & IAD-structure. Danube News 38:1/16
  2. Teubner K (2018) New General Secretary – Katrin Teubner CV. (mission statement: No doubt about it – the Danube River Ecosystem is changing) Danube News 38:1-2
  3. Postolache C, Hamchevici C (2018) Comparison between long-term monitoring data and «snap-shot» data from investigative monitoring of Joint Danube Surveys – Case study for nutrient forms along the Romanian stretch of the Danube River. Danube News 38:2-5
  4. Pusch MT, Podschun SA, Costea G, Gelhaus M, Stammel B (2018) With RESI towards a more integrative management of large rivers and floodplains. Danube News 38:6-10
  5. Cenusa I (2018) Nine countries unite for a common purpose: the protection of migratory fish in the Danube River Basin. Danube News 38:10-11
  6. Funk A, Hein T (2018) Strategies for restoration and conservation of aquatic biodiversity in the Danube River Basin – Findings from the H2020 AQUACROSS project. Danube News 38:11-13
  7. Janauer GA, Gaberščik A, Květ J, Germ M, Exler N (2018) The most complete inventory of water plants along the Danube’s entire course and of related water bodies in the Basin (eds Janauer GA, Gaberščik A, Květ J, Germ M, Exler N; 2018). (book review) Danube News 38:13-14
  8. Trichkova T (2018) Joint ESENIAS and DIAS Scientific Conference. (announcement for book of abstracts) Danube News 38:14-15
  9. Kroiss H (2018) Obituary for Prof. Dr. Hellmut Fleckseder M.S. Danube News 38:15

DANUBE NEWS 37, May 2018

  1. Cyffka B, Haidvogl G (2018) Editorial & IAD-structure. Danube News 37:1/16
  2. Fischer P (2018) Near-natural bypass channel development: focus on a highly dynamic river reach in the MONDAU project area between Neuburg and Ingolstadt. Danube News 37:1-7
  3. Skiba H, Maier C, Baranya S, Kéri B, Bakonyi P, Józsa J, Holubova K, Mravcova K, Tuchiu E, Vartolomei F, Habersack H (2018) DanubeSediment – Transnational Cooperation for Sediment Management in the Danube River. Danube News 37:8-13
  4. Postolache C (2018) Comparison between long-term monitoring survey data and “snap-shot” data from investigative monitoring of Joint Danube Surveys – Case study for nutrients along the Romanian stretch of the Danube River - News and Notes. Danube News 37:13-14
  5. Kirschner A (2018) Microbial Faecal Pollution in the River Danube is Predominantly from Human Sources. Danube News 37:14
  6. Gaviria S, Defaye D (2018) Discovery of a new species of »Moraria« (Copepoda, Harpacticoida, Canthocamptidae) in groundwaters of Germany, originated from the interstitial of the Danube catchment area. Danube News 37:15

DANUBE NEWS 36, November 2017

  1. Sandu C, Haidvogl G, Cyffka B (2017) Editorial & IAD-structure. Danube News 36:1/20
  2. Meulenbroek P, Drexler S, Waidbacher H (2017) Shoreline configuration determines species-specific fish larvae drift in the man-made River Danube. Danube News 36:2-5
  3. Kügel B, Burkhart M, Dittert P, Leeb C, Schiebel D (2017) River bank restoration on the upper Danube between Vohburg and Neustadt/Donau for habitat enhancement and improvement of ecological status. Danube News 36:8-11
  4. Stoica G (2017) Fisher´s knowledge and governance: some general reflections. Danube News 36:9-12
  5. Hein T (2017) News and notes: EcoManAqua – A CEEPUS network fostering mobility of students and university teachers in the Danube basin. Danube News 36:12-13
  6. Hein T, Haidvogl G (2017) News and notes: HR 21 – a new interdisciplinary Doctoral School to address present and future challenges of Human-River-Systems in the 21st century. Danube News 36:13-14
  7. Hein T (2017) News and notes: INADAR – a EU-Life Project addressing current problems in a modern river management in Southern Germany. Danube News 36:14-15
  8. News and notes (2017) Lives Among Waters – a film from Oana Ivan. Danube News 36:15

DANUBE NEWS 35, May 2017

  1. Hein T, Sandu S (2017) Editorial & IAD-structure. Danube News 35:1-2/20
  2. Cyffka B, Haidvogl G (2017) Editorial & The New Editors. Danube News 35:2
  3. Schwarz U (2017) The Sava White Book: Threats and opportunities for one of the most valuable rivers of Europe. Danube News 35:3-8
  4. Hohensinner S, Drescher A, Eckmüllner O, Egger G, Gierlinger S, Hager H, Haidvogl G (2017) Wood resources in dynamic Danube floodplains – historical reconstruction and implications for management and restoration. Danube News 35:8-10
  5. Frank G (2017) The Danube River as European ecological corridor and its further development as Trans European Green Infrastructure by DANUBEparksCONNECTED. Danube News 35:11-14
  6. Stammel B (2017) News and Notes: DIAS – A new network to cope with alien species in the Danube River Basin. Danube News 35:14-15
  7. News and Notes (2017) 8th International Symposium on Sturgeons (ISS8). Danube News 35:15

DANUBE NEWS 34, November 2016

  1. Janauer G, Hein T (2016) Editorial & IAD-structure. Danube News 34:1/16
  2. Coman C (2016) New research from the Danube Basin Antibiotic resistance: not only the clinician’s problem. Danube News 34:2-5
  3. Stanica A (2016) Key messages from a two year EU funded project for the future development of science and ecosystem management in aquatic ecosystems – the DANCERS Project. Danube News 34:5-7
  4. Haidvogl G (2016) JDS 3 from an environmental history and social science perspective – Part II: What the river told us about its socio-natural history. Danube News 34:7-11
  5. Adamec L (2016) European aquatic carnivorous Utricularia species – record-holders, but vanishing beauties of our nature. Danube News 34:12-14
  6. Hein T (2016) Highlights of the 41st IAD conference “Tributaries as Key Elements in Sustainable Management of the Danube River Basin” and the CEEPUS Network. Danube News 34:14-15
  7. Schwarzinger I, Hein T (2016) Nows and Notes: Awards: Reinhard Liepolt Award for Danube Research by Austrian Committee ‘Danube Research’ (AC-IAD), Scientific Appreciation Award – Diploma/Master Theses, Special achievements award by AC-IAD and welcome to two new country representatives of IAD. Danube News 34:15

DANUBE NEWS 33, May 2016

  1. Janauer GA, Hein T (2016) Editorial & IAD-structure. Danube News 33:1/16
  2. Sandu C (2016) Political support for sturgeon conservation in the Danube Region. Danube News 33:1-4
  3. Friedrich T, Pekárik L, Reinartz R, Ratschan C (2016) Restoration programs for the Sterlet (Acipenser ruthenus) in the Upper and Middle Danube. Danube News 33:4-5
  4. Reinartz R, Péteri A, Friedrich T, Sandu C (2016) Ex-situ conservation for Danube River Sturgeons – concept, facts and outlook. Danube News 33:6-7
  5. Suciu R, Onără DA, Paraschiv M, Holostenco D, Hont S, Stefanov T, Rosten C, Hawley K (2016) Danube beluga sturgeon monitoring: genetic population structure and migration patterns. Danube News 33:8-10
  6. Bloesch J (2016) Major obstacles for Danube sturgeon spawning migration: The Iron Gate dams and the navigation project in the Lower Danube. Danube News 33:12-13 (ws 2-3)
  7. Jahrl J (2016) Sturgeon poaching and illegal caviar trade – a problem of basin wide and international concern. Danube News 33:13-15

DANUBE NEWS 32, November 2015

  1. Hein T, Janauer GA (2015) Editorial & IAD-structure. Danube News 32:1/16
  2. Curtean-Bănăduc A, Bănăduc D (2015) The Transylvanian Water Tower through history, and an invitation to a much-needed conference. Danube News 32:1-4
  3. Winiwarter V, Haidvogl G (2015) Danube: Future “White Paper on Integrated Sustainable Development of the Danube River Basin”. Danube News 32:5-6
  4. Kutzenberger H (2015) Reflect the history, create the future! Enquete „Donau-Leben – Impulse für Regionen“ held in the Austrian Parliament. Danube News 32:6-7
  5. Schmid M, Haidvogl G (2015) JDS 3 from an environmental history and social science perspective – Part I: Danube research across disciplines and the selection of environmental problems. Danube News 32:7-11
  6. Hein T (2015) Innovative development. Danube News 32:11-12
  7. Teubner K (2015) Restoration of the urban oxbow lake Alte Donau – a case study. Danube News 32:12-14
  8. Berczik A (2015) Obituary for Miklós Puky, PhD (1961–2015). Danube News 32:14-15
  9. Seitz G (2015) Obituary for Rüdiger Schmid (1942–2015). Danube News 32:15

DANUBE NEWS 20, November 2009, Issue »Ecotoxicology in the Danube River Basin«

  1. Bloesch J (2009) Ecotoxicology in the Danube River Basin - Editorial & IAD-structure. Danube News 20:1/16
  2. Teodorovic I (2009) Ecotoxicological research and its implications for important water management issues in the Danube River Basin. Danube News 20:2-4
  3. Kopf W (2009) Standardised biological test methods for measuring toxicity of effluents and receiving waters in the Danube River Basin (DRB). Danube News 20:5-7
  4. Segner H (2009) Biomonitoring of aquatic pollution: from simple tradition to complex modern approaches. Danube News 20:7-9
  5. Rauchbüchl A (2009) Environmental quality standards for hazardous substances and ecotoxicological methods stipulated by the EU WFD. Danube News 20:9-12
  6. Kainz M (2009) Connecting aquatic ecology with toxicology – perspectives for the Danube River. Danube News 20:12-14
  7. Teodorovic I (2009) REP LECOTOX project: An example of FP INCO project to strengthen ecotoxicological research in Eastern Europe. Danube News 20:15

DANUBE NEWS 19, May 2009, Issue »Modeling tools for water management«

  1. Bloesch J (2009) Modeling tools for water management – Editorial & IAD-structure. Danube News 19:1/16
  2. Zalewski M (2009) Ecohydrology for engineering harmony between environment and society. Danube News 19:2-4
  3. Schneider M, Kopecki I, Eisner A, Wieprecht S (2009) Applying meso-scale habitat modeling to waterway management. Danube News 19:4-6
  4. Gutknecht D (2009) Modeling river bed morphology with special reference to the bottlenecks in the Green Danube Corridor. Danube News 19:7-9
  5. Hein T, Weigelhofer G, Blaschke AP, Reckendorfer W, Reiter K, Schuh B (2009) An integrated model approach for sustainable floodplain management: the case study of the urban floodplain Lobau. Danube News 19:9-11
  6. Curtean-Bănăduc A, Bănăduc D, Sîrbu I (2009) Predictive modeling of biodiversity – a case study of a second order Carpathian River. Danube News 19:12-13
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DANUBE NEWS 18, December 2008, Issue »Invertebrates and algae - small in size but important«

  1. Bloesch J (2008) Invertebrates and algae ─ small in size but an important component in ecosystem function and river basin management – Editorial & IAD-structure. Danube News 18:1/16
  2. Seitz G (2008) Black Flies of the Danube (Diptera, Simuliidae). Danube News 18:2-4
  3. Tittizer T, Andrikovics S (2008) A „new home“ for the Tisza mayfly Palingenia. Danube News 18:5-7
  4. Dakić G, Bogut I, Ćerba D, Vidaković J, Borić E, Popović Z (2008) Myriophyllum spicatum L. and Hydra oligactis (Pallas, 1766) interactions in the small Lake Gornjogradsko in Osijek. Danube News 18:7-9
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  8. Matavuli M (2008) Obituary of Prof. Dr. Vlasta Pujin (1929–2008). Danube News 18:1/16

DANUBE NEWS 2, August 2000

  1. Kalbfus W (2000) Participation of IAD-experts in the assessment of impacts on Szamos and Tisza Rivers caused by accidental spills in Romanian mines - Cyanide-Incident in the mine Baia Mare. (»Beteiligung der IAD-Experten an der Schadensermittlung bei den durch rumänische Bergwerke verursachten Gewässerverschmutzungen an Szamos und Theiß - Cyanid-Unfall im Bergwerk Baia Mare«) Danube News 2:1-2
  2. Tittizer T (2000) Heavy metal-Incident at the mine Baia Borşa (»Schwermetall-Unfall im Bergwerk Baia Borşa«) Danube News 2:3-4
  3. Dokulil M (2000) Plankton und Benthos der Donau. Ergebnisse der Donau-Forschung, Internationale Arbeitsgemeinschaft Donauforschung (IAD) (by Kusel-Fetzmann E, Naidenov W, Russev B; 1998). (book review) Danube News 2:5
  4. IAD (2000) IAD-Structure. Danube News 2:6

DANUBE NEWS 1, September 1999, Volume dedicated to »History and aim of IAD«

  1. Tittizer T (1999) The International Association for Danube Research - IAD (»Die Internationale Arbeitsgemeinschaft Donauforschung - IAD«) Danube News 2:1-3
  2. IAD (1999) IAD-Structure. Danube News 2:4