Water Quality

Fachgruppenleiter/Co-ordinator: Prof. Dr. Carmen POSTOLACHE

The goal of the Expert Group is to support and coordinate the chemical and physical investigations done by the Danube Basin Member States and international/national bodies, NGO,s. Contacts shuold be estabilished with international river oganizations, transboundary water commissions. More attention will be payed to practical water quality monitoring, due to the Helsinki (1992) convention.
The Expert Group will support specific workshops, PHARE, INTERREG and ISPA project promot exchange of experiences, for countries in transition. The Expert Group will be not a data bank, or a center of analytical methods, but would like to be a platform of exchange of information via the web side iad-sil.com. More attention have to be paid of the physical changes of our watercourses and to the related remedial and restoration measurements due to the EU Water Framework Directive.

The Expert Group will take into consideration:


Danube is one of the most investigated river in Europe, but we have a lack if informations due to the EU Water framework Directive. New approach is needed for restoration/rehabilitation of river major components:


To pay much more attention on aquatic physics


The IAD website will be used by the Expert Group Chemistry/Physics to get and download relevant informations and will have a tool-oriented approach for Danube catchment areas in respect to transboundary water quantity/quality management.