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44 06.02.-09.02.2023 Karl Landsteiner University of Health Sciences, Krems, Austria Scientific cooperation in the Danube River Basin - Tackling present & future environmental challenges of a European riverscape.
Website 44th conference, a proceedings volume of 44th IAD-conference Krems, Austria, with proceedings articles will be prepared.
The original conference venue was in Kiev, organized by the Institute of Hydrobiology National Academy of Science of Ukraine, entitled: The Danube River, from the Black Forest to the Black Sea – different countries, common challenges, sustainable solutions, as documented here.
43 09.06.-11.06.2021 Floodplain Institute Neuburg/Donau, Germany Rivers and Floodplains in the Anthropocene - Upcoming Challenges in the Danube River Basin,
Extended Abstracts 43rd conference
(DOI: 10.17904/ku.edoc.28094)
42 02.07.-06.07.2018 Smolenice, Slovakia Danube - a lifeline governed by multiple uses, pressures and a multitude of ecosystem service
41 13.09.-16.09.2016 Sibiu, Romania Tributaries as Key Elements in Sustainable Management of the Danube River Basin
40 17.06-20.06.2014 Sofia, Bulgaria The Danube and Black Sea Region
39 21.08.-25.08.2012 Szentendre, Hungary Living Danube,
about 39th conference see Dreissenia & ESENIAS
38 22.06.-25.06.2010 Dresden, Germany Danube Meets Elbe,
Website 38th conference
37 29.10.-01.11.2008 Chisinau, Moldova The Danube River Basin in a Changing World
36 05.09.-08.09.2006 Vienna, Austria 50 Years International Association for Danube Research,
Website 36th conference
35 19.04.-23.04.2004 Novi Sad, Serbia Scientific Concepts and Implementation of
Sustainable Transboundary River Basin Management
34 26.08.-31.08.2002 Tulcea, Romania Biodiversity as indicator of aquatic ecosystem quality and restoration  
33 03.09.-09.09.2000 Osijek, Croatia The Danube and its tributaries:
Anthropogenic Impacts and Revitalisation
32 01.09.-06.09.1997 Vienna, Austria Effects of flow velocity on the Danube-biocenoses  
31 26.08.-30.08.1996 Baja, Hungary River-landscape and water management  
30 29.08.-02.09.1994 Zuoz, Switzerland Ecology and water protection in the catchment area of the Danube  
29 16.09.-22.09.1991 Kiev, Ukraine Anthropogenic influences on the Danube-ecosystem  
28 24.09.-28.09.1990 Varna, Bulgaria Ecological correlation between the Danube and its Tributaries  
27 26.09.-30.09.1988 Mamaia, Romania Quality of the Danube from the limnological and ecological point of view  
26 14.09.-18.09.1987 Passau, Germany Water and biotop protection  
25 17.09.-25.09.1985 Bratislava, ČSSR Limnological research in reservoirs  
24 18.09.-22.09.1984 Szentrendre, Hungary Ecological problems of self purification  
23 13.09.-17.09.1982 Vienna, Austria Contribution of the IAD to resolve problems in the Danube catchment area  
22 21.09.-25.09.1981 Basel, Switzerland The effects of waste water on rivers  
21 10.09.-16.09.1979 Novi Sad, Yugoslavia Interactions between the Danube and its tributaries  
20 20.09.-25.09.1977 Kiev, USSR Rivers, reservoirs and water quality  
19 26.09.-02.10.1976 Sofia, Bulgaria 20 years International Danube Research  
18 14.09.-20.09.1975 Regensburg, Germany Limnological research as task for water protection  
17 23.09.-30.09.1974 Galati, Romania Man and Danube  
16 17.09.-23.09.1973 Bratislava, ČSSR Tasks of limnologists in the technical planning in the catchment area of the Danube  
15 18.09.-25.09.1972 Visegrád, Hungary Limnological research as base for water protection in the catchment area of the Danube  
14 13.09.-19.09.1971 Vienna, Austria Hygenic aspects of the limnological research  
13 14.09.-20.09.1970 Zurich, Switzerland ---  
12 22.09.-02.10.1969 Belgrade, Yugoslavia ---  
11 04.09.-14.09.1967 Kiev, USSR ---  
10 09.10.-19.10.1966 Varna/Sofia, Bulgaria ---  
9 13.10.-19.10.1964 Langenargen, Germany ---  
8 15.09.-25.09.1963 Bucharest, Romania ---  
7 15.10.-20.10.1962 Bratislava/Smolenice, ČSSR ---  
6 02.09.-04.10.1961 Budapest, Hungary Limnology of the River Danube, standardisation of methods  
5 19.09.-02.10.1960 Vienna, Austria Limnology of the River Danube and its tributaries  
4 18.08.-21.08.1959 Vienna, Austria ---  
3 18.11.-21.11.1958 Vienna, Austria ---  
2 19.11.-22.11.1957 Vienna, Austria ---  
1 10.12.-14.12.1956 Vienna, Austria ---