The scientific publications of IAD are essentially annual with exceptions. The Proceedings consist of one or more volumes of scientific papers delivered after an IAD-Conference. Irregular IAD-publications are published en bloc (by the expert groups) in "Archiv für Hydrobiology - Large Rivers". Members may get a 20% discount for these volumes through the General Secretary. Specific topical subjects are published in the special volumes of "Ergebnisse der Donau-Forschung". Members will get a discount price by the General Secretary. Short scientific and other communications are distributed through the DANUBE NEWS once or twice a year (see also pdfs of individual DANUBE NEWS Articles).

Fig.1: Cover of the journal TRSER

Payment of annual membership dues is required whether books/journals are received in one particular year or not. Proceedings and DANUBE NEWS are issued to all members who are in good standing for the year during which the publications were produced. Back issues of IAD publications are available for purchase; contact the General Secretary for details.

The journal Transylvanian Review of Systematical and Ecological Research (TRSER, Fig.1) was founded in 1999, as an international scientific series, edited in Sibiu, Transylvania, Romania, and appeared since then with the support of International Association for Danube Research. It publishes original work dealing with basic aspects, particularly of ecology, biology, human impacts, monitoring, protection and conservation, sustainable development and related fields. Since 2008 two volumes appeared every year, and since 2013 three volumes appeared every year.