The International Association for Danube Research (IAD) was founded in 1956 and is the longest existing international scientific network in the Danube Region. IAD is an Association according to Austrian law with the goal of promoting and coordinating activities in the fields of limnology, water management, water protection and sustainable development in the Danube River basin (current structure and contact).

In 1998 IAD obtained observership in the International Commission for the Protection of the Danube River (ICPDR). Our delegates participate in various Expert Groups and develop tools and measures to protect the Danube River and to reach a sustainable river basin management as ultimate goal of the Water Framework Directive (EU-WFD)

As representative of the scientific community IAD also actively supports the implementation of the macro-regional EU-Danube Strategy as a step towards sustainable development in the Danube region.

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Resolution of the 39th IAD conference (Szentendre, Hungary)

Resolution of the 40th IAD conference (Sofia, Bulgaria)

Resolution of the 41th IAD conference (Sibiu, Romania)

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Österreichisches Komitee Donauforschung, Internationale Arbeitsgemeinschaft Donauforschung

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FDG Austria, DI Norbert Exler



Congratulations to our elected NEW IAD PRESIDENT,
Prof. Dr. Bernd Cyffka

The election was held at General Assembly on 22. June 2021, during 43rd IAD conference. Bernd Cyffka, Professor and Head of Applied Physical Geography, is further the Head of the Floodplain Institute in Neuburg at the Danube. He has represented Germany in the IAD since 2015. With his statement after election he underlined the importance of IAD, to dedicate IAD as international network boosting an awareness of sustainability issues to future generations along the whole Danube River connecting countries and people. Dr. Cristina Sandu was nominated as candidate for vice presidency and with her election we welcome her being further part in the presidium of IAD. The new presidium will start their turn in January 2022 and will be supported by IAD General Secretary, PD Dr. Katrin Teubner. On behalf of all IAD members we say Thank You to Prof. Dr. Thomas Hein for his commitment to IAD for over 12 years – who acted as our IAD president from 2010-2016 and was still active as IAD Vice President from 2017-2021.

Cover DN43

Danube News issue no. 43
is released!

In this issue we provide an overview about the recent situation of hydropower plants in the Danube River Basin, their ecological impacts, the threats posed by new development plans and the lessons learned from the past years. We thank our both editors, PD Dr. Gertrud Haidvogl and Prof. Bernd Cyffka, preparing DN43. Readers are welcome to download this latest issue as volume Danube News or Danube News Articles!


Award "Naturerbe Donau",
application for year 2022 has been opened!

The submission of applications for "Naturerbe Donau" is open from 1.March to 31.July 2021, announced by the Private Foundation "Naturerbe Donau" The aim of supporting achievements for Danube Floodplain are further described in the Flyer "Naturerbe Danube". The application form can be downloaded here.


Prof. Roumen Kalchev
died on 12.3.2021 due to COVID-19 infection!

With great sadness we have to inform that one of our IAD board members, Prof. Roumen Kalchev, died yesterday, on 12. March 2021, because of covid infection in a hospital in Bulgaria.
We have lost an active board member of IAD and a good friend – he always stimulated constructive relationships among people of our scientific community of IAD – we have valued Roumen for his friendly and open attitude and his interest in transboundary cooperation (IAD_CV).
We will miss Roumen - we will not forget him.